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Bear Baiting 

During the event the bear will be tethered to a rope 2-5 metres long in the centre of an arena to prevent escape.[7] Bears’ canine teeth are often removed and their claws may be filed down giving them less advantage over the dogs. Each fight lasts around three minutes. If the dogs pull the bear to the ground they are said to win the fight. Bears usually have to undergo several fights during each day’s event.


Dog-Baiting ( Between 2 dogs)

Undercover investigators who had infiltrated the dog-fighting ring found blood-soaked dogs with life-threatening injuries that were left to die as soon as they were no longer able to compete. Dogs were found with ripped ears, torn lips, genitals and intestines dangling from their bodies, eyes swollen shut, and faces riddled with punctures so severe that they were barely able to breathe. The dogs who survived a fight were usually brutally killed afterwords or left in pens to be forgotten and starve to death. The methods of execution included:

Shooting the dogs with a pistol. 
Wetting them down and electrocuting them with jumper cables. 
Picking them up and slamming them into the ground until they were finally dead. 
Cutting a dog’s throat. 
Drowning it in a bath tub.
The other method was simply hanging the dogs.


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